Our approach


We work with clients to carefully construct their portfolios of innovative technology investments based on their sector specific interests, whether it be to support their existing businesses or based on industry trends.


Structured Approach

Financial returns sit at the core focus of Cell Capital. We align ourselves in maximising potential but also see the upside of investing into frontline disruptive technologies to enhance your existing or future business interests. Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, we work with our clients to structure a strategy around the sectors and verticals identified together

Investment Strategy

We provide regular and detailed analyses of the market looking at current and future trends. This allows us to unearth disruptive innovators that have the potential to solve future industry challenges. Our clients, whether a Family Office or Corporate can benefit from their tailored investment strategy by gaining exposure to the latest tech innovation, which in turn can help to see returns in other areas of interest whether that being a revenue driver or as a cost reduction. We seek to provide wider value and external returns as part of our core objectives.

Digital Monitoring & Investment Activity

Working closely with our clients, we manage the complete end to end investment process from deal sourcing, due diligence, execution, regular reporting and continued portfolio management. The result is exposure to transformative innovation, educational insight and collaborations directly with relevant and disruptive companies. Connecting industry leaders and ambitious founders through strategic capital.

We pride ourselves on agility and flexibility. We can provide both hands-on support to our portfolio companies and institutional capital throughout multiple stages of the business.

Subsequently, we sustain a competitive edge with our investee companies by being agile in the early stages but with the ability to provide multi stage institutional capital.