Our approach


We work with investors to carefully construct their portfolios of innovative technology investments based on their sector specific interests, whether it be to support their existing businesses or purely for financial returns.


Identify Objectives

Cell acts as your outsourced VC team. We begin with a consultation period to understand your motivations for investing in early-stage technology businesses, whether it be to support your existing businesses or to capitalise on industry trends.

Develop Strategy

Cell works with each investor to carefully develop a portfolio allocation strategy based on their sector specific interests and objectives.

Build & Manage Portfolio

Cell then curates and builds the investor's personal portfolio over an agreed time period, based on the mandate developed, while keeping you updated with regular reporting.

We pride ourselves on agility and flexibility. We can provide both hands-on support to our portfolio companies and institutional follow-on capital throughout multiple stages of the business.

Cell Capital maintain a generalist approach across sectors and stages, with targeted thematic focuses driven by our investors.